RMFD Winners

CHARLES TOWN, W.Va. - Multiple students representing Jefferson County Schools at the Regional Math Field Day competition on March 14 will advance to the state competition on April 23 at WVU. Congratulations to each of the students below on a job well done! 

4th Grade:

2nd Place: Jonathan Gutzman (WDI)

1st Alternate: Amelia Mabry (WDI)

5th Grade:

1st Place: Edgar Gallardo (WDI)

2nd Place: Owen Twyford (WDI)

3rd Place: Lilah McHenry (WDI)

6th Grade:

1st Alternate: Camden Boone (SMS)

7th Grade:

2nd Place: Santiago Smith (HFMS)

3rd Place: Andre Viteri (SMS)

8th Grade:

2nd Place: Aven Thorn (SMS)

3rd Place: Emilio Perez-Diggs (CTMS)

10-12th Grade:

2nd Place: Collin Guedel (JHS)

4th Place: Samuel Corum (JHS)

6th Place: Eli Dillow (JHS)

7th Place: Alex Hall (WHS)

2nd Alternate: Kyle de Nobel (JHS)

3rd Alternate: Zoe Bailey (JHS)

5th Alternate: Lucca Parker (JHS)